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Laser and Frenectomy Treatment

What is a frenum and why would we laser it? The term ‘frenum’ refers to the fibrous tissue that connects the upper lip to the gum tissue above the upper front teeth. A frenectomy is a term used to describe the minor procedure that removes or repositions a portion of the frenum. The reason we

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Child with crooked teeth

Common Causes of Crooked Teeth in Children

When it comes to ensuring your child is happy and healthy, you’d do anything. You would read any book, take all the credible advice you can and try to be as informed as you can. We all know how important healthy teeth are and we all have a base understanding of how crooked teeth can

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Girl with teeth braces using interdental and traditional brush

What Happens If You Have Braces and Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

So you’ve started your Orthodontic journey by getting your braces on at the Orthodontist, now what? Wearing braces is only part of the job in getting that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. If you want impressive results and a healthy mouth, you must take care of your teeth and braces. This means brushing your teeth

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