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What Is An Orthodontist? What Do They Do?

In the pursuit of a confident and radiant smile, the role of an orthodontist is paramount. These dental professionals possess a unique set of skills and expertise that goes beyond routine dental care. But what exactly is an orthodontist, and what do they do? At Dischinger Orthodontics, we’re here to demystify the world of orthodontics

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Traveling T-Shirt Contest!

Our Traveling T-Shirt Contest is beginning July 1st!  Snap a picture in your Dischinger Team T-shirt wherever you go, then tag us on your social media, or post it directly to ours! If you choose to bring the photos in to our office or email it for us to share, that’s great too! We just

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March Reward Hub Patient Contest!

Join The Reward Hub Patient Contest! Participate in our monthly Reward Hub contest to earn more points! Remember, you can cash out your points for fun gift cards you pick!  https://my.patientrewardshub.com/

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