Dischinger Orthodontics has put the following precautions in place to ensure your safety when coming to our office during this Covid19 Pandemic:

  1. Upon arrival, come right in! We ask that you use hand sanitizer, take your temperature, and we will provide a mask if you do not have one.
  2. You can make your way into the reception and from there our staff will assist you with an anti-bacterial mouth rinse instead of brushing, then proceed to the clinic. (The sink and counter are cleaned with a Cavi wipe after each patient.)
  3. All debands will be done in the private treatment room. Dr. Bill will remove all glue while the assistant uses a high-speed suction right next to the teeth.
  4. Dr. Bill will be wearing a disposable gown for deband appointments.
  5. In our front office, there are plexiglass shields in front of our scheduling staff and all staff are wearing masks.
  6. As always, if you have any questions, please call our office at 503-635-4439.



When it comes to your medical treatment, you should always seek out environments that inspire comfort and trust. Here at Dischinger Orthodontics, we accomplish this by providing care that is gentle and effective. Our family-friendly Portland orthodontics practice is capable of providing care for patients of all ages.

In fact, our practice is all about family. Portland Orthodontist Dr. Bill Dischinger understands the unique needs and expectations of the local families we serve. We make certain to offer varied treatments and approaches that will make everyone feel at-ease while working with us.

Dr. Bill is trained to use many different orthodontic treatments. Among the innovative options they offer are the Damon System—which uses self-ligating braces—and Invisalign—the famed invisible braces.

No treatment is undertaken as one-size-fits-all. Every treatment plan is unique, as is our approach to it. We want to ensure that everyone receives the ideal treatment for them.

We are proud to serve the Lake Oswego, Portland and Canby communities.

Whether your looking for an Orthodontist in Canby, Portland or Lake Oswego, we invite you to schedule a complementary consultation


Dr. Dischinger was voted Top Dentist 2020 by Portland Monthly!

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Lake Oswego Orthodontist, Tualatin Orthodontics, Lake Oswego Orthodontics, Portland Orthodontics
Lake Oswego Orthodontist, Tualatin Orthodontics, Lake Oswego Orthodontics, Portland Orthodontics

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Dr. Bill Dischinger is not just an orthodontist, but an author as well! Orthodontics today is not what it used to be. The profession like the world around us has changed immensely. In this short and humorous book, learn what to look for in choosing an orthodontic office. Learn how treatments today differ and why. Learn about the cutting edge of the profession and the services a quality office can provide. Dive into the world of airway treatment and headache healing. Dr. Dischinger will show you how to achieve a spectacular smile with superior customer service.