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Caring & Trusted Orthodontics

When it comes to your medical treatment, you should always seek out environments that inspire comfort and trust. Here at Dischinger Orthodontics, we accomplish this by providing care that is gentle and effective. Our family-friendly Portland orthodontics practice is capable of providing care for patients of all ages.

In fact, our practice is all about family. Portland Metro Orthodontist Dr. Bill Dischinger understands the unique needs and expectations of the local families we serve. We make certain to offer varied treatments and approaches that will make everyone feel at-ease while working with us.

Dr. Bill is trained to use many different orthodontic treatments. Among the innovative options they offer are the Damon System—which uses self-ligating braces—and spark aligners— invisible braces.

No treatment is undertaken as one-size-fits-all. Every treatment plan is unique, as is our approach to it. We want to ensure that everyone receives the ideal treatment for them.

We are proud to serve the Lake Oswego and Portland communities.

Whether your looking for an Orthodontist in Portland or Lake Oswego, we invite you to schedule a complementary consultation

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Years Experience

Providing spectaclur smiles through customized orthodontics

Damon Braces

Our office provides the newest technology in braces. We use Damon self-ligating brackets. Damon braces are a tie-less system, which allows for less friction, faster tooth movement, and less treatment time.

Spark Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are a clear removable tray that provides tooth movement. It is esthetic, and can barely be seen by peers. also, it does not have metal attachments and wires. Thus, brushing and flossing is easy.

Why Get Aligners or Braces?

Correct Bad Bites

Besides aligning teeth and creating better smiles, braces also correct malocclusions ― also referred to as “bad bites.” Bad bites can create a host of other jaw, bite, and dental issues if left unchecked, so it’s important to correct them as early as possible.

Better Hygiene

When your teeth are straight, they become much easier to properly keep clean, since there are less nooks and crannies for food particles and plaque to hide in. More thorough brushing and flossing will cut down your risk of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease ― plus your breath will smell great!

Confidence Boost

Get the camera ready, because there will be no more hiding your smile! Once you’ve completed your braces or clear aligner treatment, you’ll have a great looking smile you can be proud of, which is a major confidence booster ― and who doesn’t love feeling confident about themselves? Plus, studies have shown that people more easily trust people with good smiles, meaning your winning new smile might even help land you your dream job someday!

Why Dischinger Orthodontics?

Looking for an Orthodontist in Oregon?

Free Consultation

Consultations are free and include all photos, x-rays and an examination by our orthodontists. Get answers to all your questions in one convenient appointment!

Affordable Fees

Braces & clear aligners by our orthodontists. Expert treatment at an affordable price. Fees include all adjustments and retainers.

Flexible Financing

Interest-free payment plans with low monthly and low down payments. Every patient automatically qualifies – no credit checks required.

Shorter Treatment Times

Shorter treatment time with braces utilizing the latest in orthodontic treatment available today which incorporates methods to ensure everyone’s treatment results in a beautiful, healthy smile that last a lifetime.

Convenient Location

We have an offices located in Lake Oswego and Portland for your convenience! Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and get ready to start smiling.

No Referrals Needed

Whether you want to find out your options or are just looking for a second opinion, you don’t need a referral from a dentist to see us.

Upfront, all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees. No surprises.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Getting braces or clear aligners by an orthodontist in Oregon is more affordable than you think. We know that this is an important investment for you and your family and we believe that cost should never be an obstacle to receive the treatment required when it is needed most. We offer flexible financing options and we will work with you to find a payment plan that fits within your budget.

No Hidden Fees

0% Interest Payment Plans

Low Monthly Payment Plans

Low Down Payments

Extended Payments

What Our Patients Say

About Their Experience

  • Dischinger Team Orthodontics wins GOLD! On the court or with your smile this office makes your goals the win! Dr. Terry and Dr. Bill put family first both... read more

    cory giddings Avatar cory giddings

    The Dischinger Team was referred to is us by a friend who couldn’t stop raving about how amazing they were. From the moment I called to make a consult appointment... read more

    Sarah Moore Avatar Sarah Moore
  • Amazing service, extremely family friendly and overall wonderful place! Recommend to everyone looking for orthodontics for them and their families.

    Sonja Feintech Avatar Sonja Feintech

    I came here for my braces in high school and was super happy with the results, then came in again to get a retainer replaced a decade later. Now I'm... read more

    Claire Harrison Avatar Claire Harrison
  • We have been very happy with our experience at Discchinger. The staff is very sweet and great with kids. My daughter’s anxiety about coming in quickly dissolved when she started... read more

    Heather Zadow Avatar Heather Zadow

    Wow, wow, wow! All around an absolutely amazing team at Dischinger Orthodontics!! I was in awe of the place when I arrived. The welcome I received was so friendly, I'll... read more

    Katirina Alagoz Avatar Katirina Alagoz
  • Came in for my free consultation, very informative and communicative, staff were very welcoming and kind, I’d highly recommend Dischinger Orthodontics!

    Manuel Diaz Avatar Manuel Diaz

    Our family has been coming to Dischinger for YEARS. We have a choice to use our insurance at another location with a different network, but due to the team making... read more

    Kelsey Van Cleave Avatar Kelsey Van Cleave
  • The Dischinger team is the best. Walking through the door to a welcoming environment. From the first appointment to beyond having the braces taken off, they are only a phone... read more

    Jennifer Cook Avatar Jennifer Cook

    Oh my gosh where do I start?!?! We LOVE Dischinger Orthodontics! They have been so good to us. The office is amazing, the staff is incredible, the whole environment is... read more

    Crystal Arden Avatar Crystal Arden
  • We love this place. Friendly staff and amazing amenities. I love the massage chairs and refreshments. All kinds of stuff to enjoy while you wait. I got some swag... read more

    Diane Woodburn Avatar Diane Woodburn

    Dentist, Staff and are just outstanding. Highly recommend.

    Chad Stein Avatar Chad Stein
  • The Dischinger Team is simply fantastic! We were warmly greeted by Suzi and Erin and then professionally taken care of by Brenda and Dr. Bill! You can tell this practice... read more

    Heather Blair Avatar Heather Blair

    Thank you for telling us about your experience Select Language​▼ Your Review As soon as you walk in the door, you feel welcomed. They get me in quickly and... read more

    Mckenzie Blair Avatar Mckenzie Blair
  • Always so quick and efficient! Everyone is friendly. Feels like a family gathering with music and laughter when I go in. The environment and atmosphere is very welcoming! Dr. Bill... read more

    Youa Moua Avatar Youa Moua

    Dischinger Orthodontics is the place to be! I went through treatment as a young girl and now my husband is going through Spark Aligners. We live in Alaska, but opted... read more

    Oz Lodge Avatar Oz Lodge
  • very friendly and fun. enjoyable experience every time. my daughters teeth have never been healthier.

    Jed Lapp Avatar Jed Lapp

    The staff at Dischinger are friendly and so wonderful to work with. They are totally focused on giving patients the best experience possible! On top of that, they are... read more

    Debbie Street Avatar Debbie Street
  • I’ve only been to one appointment and I don’t know if my needs will warrant returning but wow I was blown away by the professionalism and above and beyond customer... read more

    Carli Cox Avatar Carli Cox

    My family and I had an excellent experience using Dischinger to mop the floor with 2k23 opponents on MyTeam. Excellent Galaxy Opal Card, thank you Dr. Dischinger!

    Elias Ali Avatar Elias Ali