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Manufactured in San Francisco since 1998 by renowned laser physicist Dr. George Bekov, PhD, with over 30 years experience developing and manufacturing medical and LASIK surgery lasers.

Spectralase Diode lasers are entirely based on scientific knowledge and not marketing gimmicks. We do not purchase media awards. Spectralase is NOT a super economy reverse engineered copy built by cutting corners.
Only superior quality components are used with attention to every detail including a premium quality focused beam laser module with a lifetime of 5000 hrs, safety tested to medical standards, and laser energy is calibrated to +/-99% accuracy. Every laser fiber is tested for accuracy and is the highest quality. Dr. Bekov is on-site full time supervising the manufacturing process of every laser built.



Superior 980nm Wavelength

Spectralase lasers are upgraded to 980nm from 810nm. Studies prove 980nm light is absorbed 30 times more efficiently into the water at the tissue surface with a depth penetration 5 times less than with 810 nm. Greater surface absorption results in more efficient incisions with minimal tissue charring. Less thermal penetration causes less damage to the underlying tissue insuring patient comfort and superior healing.

Advanced Super Pulse Mode

Years of medical community research influenced us to create an advanced pulse mode using pulses with a duration of 10 millionths of a second. Spectralase automatically adjusts the pulse interval depending on the wattage setting. The higher the wattage, the longer the interval, allowing time for the tissue cooling. The self-adjusting pulse will deliver an average power that insures patient comfort and prevents tissue charring. Especially important when using only topical anesthetic. Research has led us to conclude this combination of variable pulse width and pulse interval is optimal for laser performance and tissue health. Studies prove that short pulses carrying higher power result in an optimal bactericidal effect.


Over 3000 GPs, 1200 orthodontists and 26 orthodontic residency programs are satisfied Spectralase owners. Many have owned our lasers for over 10 years without any maintenance. A 3 year warranty is included. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

No Expensive Single-Use Tips

Spectralase lasers cost at least $15000 less than all other lasers for 10 years of use.

Spectralase Owners