The Braces Care Dos and Don’ts

The Braces Care Dos and Don’ts
July 7, 2019 wake

Once you get your braces on, you embark on a journey towards a beaming healthy smile. While the starting point might be at your Canby Orthodontist’s office, the quality of the trip and final destination largely rely on you. The habits you forge and your commitment to stick to them will support—and enhance—the hard work your braces will be doing on your teeth.

The time you spend caring for your braces will inevitably pay off.
While it might seem self-explanatory why teeth with braces require extra patience and attention, many patients ignore braces care instructions or follow them willy-nilly. As a result, they face a higher risk of developing cavities, plaque, tartar, staining, or even long-term damage to your teeth. After all those long and often painful months of wearing braces, the last thing you want to see is the results of your neglect putting a serious strain on the treatment success.

Excellent at moving your teeth where they belong, braces can also serve as food traps without proper care. The brackets and wires attached to your teeth contain countless tiny spaces and sharp edges ideal for catching and storing small pieces of food. As a result, you need to be extra diligent brushing lunch remains out of your teeth and watching what you eat.

While following braces care, the routine might seem tedious, remember, it’s an essential part of your transformation, and it’s the part you can control and define.

Basic Care Tips For Braces

When it comes to caring for your braces, two things you’ll need to worry about are what food and beverages you put in your mouth and how you’re going to get them out. It will take some time to rethink your old habits and form new ones, but the result will be worth all the effort.

Let’s start with dental hygiene. If you haven’t been a textbook tooth brusher before, skipping that awkward spot at the back, you’ll need to up your oral hygiene now that you’re wearing braces. A good rule of thumb is to double or even triple your oral hygiene time pre-braces as soon as you start treatment. Many orthodontists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal or large snacks once the braces are on, but it’s always better to book a braces appointment and ask your doctor for a personalized routine.

When brushing your teeth, leave no tooth, bracket, or wire untouched. Treat each tooth individually, focusing on clearing away any remaining food from the tightest of spots. Use gentle firm pressure to thoroughly clean your teeth and the attached braces.

If your children are wearing braces, take some time to educate them about the importance of a special routine and make sure they fully understand the consequences of poor braces care. It’s equally important to set a good example for your teenager or young kids going through orthodontic treatment—while you might not be following a special routine, there is no harm in a few extra minutes of gentle oral hygiene. You can even make brushing and flossing a habit you follow as a family and encourage your kids to brush their teeth together.

When it comes to braces, flossing is a must. If not flossed out, leftover food debris can get permanently attached to your teeth cause cavities and plaque. Make it a habit to floss after all or most meals.

Eating Habits To Rethink

To prevent your braces from bending or snapping, avoid hard foods­—such as nuts, carrots, chocolate, cookies, pretzels, croutons, beef jerky. To keep your fruits and vegetables intake high, cutting apples or cucumbers into small pieces.

Stay away from snacks and sweets that are likely to get stuck in the braces.

A good way to support your children or teenagers wearing braces is by preparing braces-friendly meals they can enjoy at home. Find delicious and healthy alternatives for the foods they need to stay away from and try out new recipes. Building new eating habits don’t always have to be isolating—as you explore new ingredients and foods, why not incorporate them into your staples?

These habits are easy to incorporate, and they make a world of difference to your smile!