Devon F.

From Suzi at the front office to all the fabulous staff, especially our beloved Kelli, to Dr Bill Dischinger and his father Dr Terry Dischinger.

Syeni S.

Even when we’re out of country we don’t have to worry if something come up because Dr. Terry and Dr. Bill have connections all over the world .

Angie B.

The kids enjoyed all of the amenities – popcorn, beverages, iPads and video games, massage chairs and a prize wheel.

Patricio S.

My wife came here when she was a kid and now we’ve brought two of our children. It’s amazing how well this place treats us. Highly recommended!

Alexis B.

I had a really great experience visiting Dr. Dischinger’s office! I had never been to an orthodontist before and was very impressed by the office and the staff. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel very welcomed and like you’re at a place that will take care of you. Everyone was very nice and treated me very kindly! Lin was amazing and made me feel important. She was also very competent and knowledgeable about teeth. She was easy to talk to and explained everything very well and answered all of my questions. Dr. Dischinger was able to explain what kind of orthodontic work I needed done and possible alternative treatment plans. I really appreciate that they don’t rush you or try to just recommend the most expensive procedure. The time that they took to talk with me as a patient made me feel like I can really trust and rely on their opinions as professionals because it spoke to their quality of care.
I would have no problems visiting them again or recommending them to future patients.

Kim C.

In searching for an orthodontist I visited several offices and met some great orthodontists. However, the Dischinger office really knocked our socks off. The staff is always smiling and very patient. No one seems rushed including Dr. Bill.  He took the time to call my son on the telephone even before the first appointment to introduce himself. Knowing how busy he must be that extra step shows how much he cares about his patients.

With so many years in practice it was clear he’d seen all kinds of dental situations. He had a well thought out solution to a missing permanent tooth that made great sense in the long term. This office is committed to the long term and offers FREE retainers for life. How cool is that?

My son just got his braces put on today and left the office with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Soft and squishy food for the next couple days while his braces set up. Nothing like ice cream to take the sting out of getting braces before high school. Now that’s VIP service.

Heath B.

The Best! The best, most personal service around. Made my son and I feel right at home. Catered the visit to him, the patient. Wonderful experience.

Angie B.

From the moment we walked in, the office oozed with friendliness. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. The kids enjoyed all of the amenities – popcorn, beverages, iPads and video games, massage chairs and a prize wheel. I so appreciated the two women who sat down with us for the initial consult and picture taking. They were patient and obviously knew how to work with kids and really listened to my thoughts and questions. The doctor was equally as kind and amazing with kids. He also answered my questions and gave me confidence in setting down a path I was uncertain about. He even checked my younger child’s teeth who was along for the ride but will most certainly need braces as well. My kids didn’t want to leave when the appointment was over and are asking when we can go back. That’s a sign of a great, kid friendly office! I’m thankful they will now be monitoring my son’s teeth and aren’t rushing the process that wouldn’t give us better results, but would most certainly cost us more money. Thanks Team Dischinger!

Christian F.

I chose Dischinger Orthodontics for my own Invisalign treatment.  At my very first free consultation, I ran into my former Disneyland roommate in their lobby.  We had worked for Disneyland back in college and the coincidence was not lost on me.  Dischinger runs their practice exactly as you would expect an Orthodontist on Main Street in Disneyland to run their practice.  Everyone is happy to see you, they all know your name, their office is clean and vibrant, and they are efficient and organized.  My treatment lasted six months and I think I probably received 6 thank you/just checking-in notes from their staff during those six months.  They are grateful for our business and it shows. They are always celebrating some sort of “spirit day” when you stop in.  They will remind you of your appointments like clockwork, and will see you immediately after you walk in.  (I almost wish they would let me stay seated in their fancy massage chairs a few minutes longer….)

My smile is bigger and brighter thanks to Dischinger Orthodontics.  I am so glad I found them and it’s refreshing to see a practice filled with happy staff and happy clients.  They are the Happiest Orthodontist on Earth!