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Dr. Bill Dischinger, Orthododontist

Dr. Bill Dischinger began his orthodontic career in 1999, joining his father’s practice. They worked side by side until 2015 when Dr. Terry Dischinger retired from active practice. Working together was the fulfillment of a life long dream for both Dr. Bill and Dr. Terry.

Dr. Bill grew up in Lake Oswego and graduated from Lake Oswego High School where he played football, basketball and golf. More importantly though, he met his wife Kari Lynn there as well. Following high school, Dr. Bill attended Oregon State University for his undergraduate studies and continued to the University of Oregon Health Science Center where he earned his DMD in 1997. His certificate in orthodontics was earned in 1999 at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Bill lectures in the United States and around the world. He lectures on a variety of topics, many related to advanced treatments in orthodontics. Over the past five years alone, he has lectured on 5 continents and over 15 countries. He is honored to be considered an expert in the field of orthodontics by his peers. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Pacific School of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics in San Francisco, CA.


Why Choose An Orthodontist?

Although some dentists might offer corrective appliances, like braces, you should always choose an orthodontist for your treatment. An orthodontist has an additional two to three years of specialized training—on top of dental school—to be able to design treatment programs and offer corrective appliances to address bite or other alignment issues. Compared to an orthodontist, a dentist may not have as much experience in treating issues of abnormalities in growing or mature dentofacial structures, and might need to rely on another practice to develop your X-rays or to create an individual treatment plan for you.

Because our orthodontists Portland have undergone special training after dentistry school, they are able to treat issues like:

  • Underbites or overbites
  • Open bites or cross bites
  • Narrow arches and the breathing issues they cause
  • Pain in the jaws, face and neck
  • And many more!

How Orthodontics Work

Regardless of the orthodontic treatment approach used in your customized treatment plan, the basic principals remain the same—through the exertion of subtle, consistent pressure, teeth are slowly aligned until the desired results are achieved. Dischinger Orthodontics currently offers self-ligating braceslingual braces, and Invisalign treatment.  

If you would like to learn more about orthodontists or getting Braces in Portland, contact us for a consultation. You can visit us without a referral from a dentist, and it doesn’t cost anything for a second opinion at Dischinger Orthodontics.

Portland Orthodontist

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