Cost of Braces

Payment Options

Full Payment Discount

Payment in full with a 3% discount

Credit or Debit

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, American Express and bank debit card service

No-Interest Financing

With a low down payment and low monthly payments

Automatic Draft

From checking accounts or credit cards

Many people forgo orthodontic care because they believe they are unable to afford it. Instead, they live with pain in their jaws, improper alignment, and smile that do not make them feel confident. Dischinger Team Orthodontics has made it our mission to make it easy for all Portland residents to access the care they need. When you turn to us, you get our high-quality, innovative treatment methods at prices that you can afford. In addition to pricing our services affordably, we offer different payment options that make it even easier to pay for the cost of treatment.

Credit Cards

If you cannot afford the full cost of treatment in one go, you can use a credit card to pay for all or part of your treatment. This then allows you to make monthly payments to your credit card provider until you are able to pay off the full amount. Dischinger Team Orthodontics accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Financing Options

Putting the cost of treatment on a credit card is not always a viable option for patients. If this is true for you, we can set up a special financing plan. When you choose this option, money is taken from the checking account of your choice every month, allowing you to gradually pay for treatment.


Another way we make treatment affordable is by offering discounts when treatment is paid for in full at the very start. This is ultimately the most affordable way to pay for treatment if you do not have insurance.


Dischinger Team Orthodontics is happy to partner with the majority of insurance plans. If you are uncertain what your plan will cover, our office will contact your insurance company to determine what is covered, what isn’t, and how to maximize your benefits. If you fill out your paperwork in advance, we can have everything sorted out before you arrive for your first appointment. To learn more, contact us today.