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  • Braces and Food

    Snacks that are Healthy for Your Body and Your Braces

    You know the school day’s over when you hear these seven little words: “I’m home! Is there anything to eat?”…

  • Young Girl Wearing Braces

    Wax Facts

    In the long run, wearing braces is so worth it. Whether you’re working toward straight teeth, an improved bite, or…

  • Lunchtime with Braces

    Braces-Friendly School Lunches

    If your pre-teen or teenager is home for the summer, it’s easy to provide braces-friendly lunch options. The school lunchroom,…

  • Young Boy Smiling after Braces Check Up in Portland

    Orthodontics: From Tooth Fairy to Retainer

    You might be surprised to learn that Dr. Dischinger and our team recommend an orthodontic appointment even before your child…