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  • Orthodontic Post-Op Instructions

    The process of placing an orthodontic appliance is non-surgical, but it does require special post-procedural instructions from your Portland Orthodontist to minimize…

  • Brushing Teeth

    How Braces Can Improve Dental Health

    We all know that orthodontic treatment and braces can provide incredible cosmetic benefits, but did you know straight teeth can…

  • Proxy Brush

    When It Comes To Braces, Not All Oral Care Products Are Created Equal

    When Kids across Portland with braces, are preparing to return to school, they stock up on stylish new outfits and…

  • Flossing with Braces

    The Importance Of Flossing While In Braces

    Who would have thought a piece of wax string could be so intimidating? The practice of daily flossing continues to…

  • Brush Teeth with Braces

    What Happens If You Have Braces And Don’t Brush Your Teeth

    So you visited Dr. Dischinger and got Braces in Portland. Now what? Wearing braces is only part of the job…